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Mexico high court upholds Baja California antiabortion measure

Although seven of the court’s 11 justices deemed the measure that says life begins at conception unconstitutional, they were short of the eight votes needed to overturn it. Abortion foes in Mexico scored a victory Wednesday when the Supreme Court narrowly upheld a … Continue reading

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Women As Likely As Men to Want Casual Sex

Widely accepted beliefs regarding men, women and short-term sexual encounters may be significantly off-base. Miller-McCune.com /By Tom Jacobs Would you have casual sex with a stranger? How about a close platonic friend? How about with Johnny Depp? Getting more interested, … Continue reading

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Disney’s Racist Stereotyping and Gender Roles Remain Un-Tangled

Alas, Disney’s stated goal isn’t ending the helpless-princess theme; it’s making sure the movies have big enough audience appeal (read: appeal to boys and men). The good news is that Disney’s new animated feature Tangled is funny, fast-paced and visually … Continue reading

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What the Ever-Popular ‘Exorcist’ Tells Us About Sex and Women

The implicit fear of women’s sexuality expressed by this film can explain why it still resonates.  Ms. Blog / By Adriane Allan   Keeping with the post-Halloween, post-election spirit, a freshly revamped version of The Exorcist has reared (or perhaps rotated) … Continue reading

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