The 25 Sexiest MMA Girls of 2011

There are some things in this world that men like that women don’t and things that women like that men absolutely hate.

For example, men love to drink lots of beer, yell at their television screens and burp in public, but women (usually) don’t.

Women, on the other hand, love to watch soap operas and gossip about every single person they know behind their backs, but men are not the same way.

After sex, men just want to roll over and eat a sandwich (I prefer peanut butter and fluff), but women want to cuddle and talk about their feelings.

Believe it or not, though, there are some things that both men and women share an interest in and MMA is one of them.

The sport is no longer the massive sausage-fest that it once was. MMA is quickly becoming a hotbed for some of the sexiest women on the planet, from ring girls to fighters to reporters.

With that said, let’s take a look at the 25 sexiest MMA girls of 2011.


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I'm an activist and advocate for human rights and the establishment of penalties to the simulators and inconsistent. My fight is for respect for universal rights and freedoms. Journalist various print and electronic media in several countries. Independent research analyst of social risks in unions, political, corporate and institutional image. Four books published and three in electronic version. Live one day at a time, even on payments, sometimes alive yesterday. Modest income is the price of freedom.
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