Nazis to demonstrate in La Vegas

As part of their “Reclaim the Southwest” campaign against Aztlan, the National Socialist Movement  (NSM or Nazi Party) is planning a  massive demonstration in Las Vegas, Nevada  on Saturday June 25, 2011.

The NSM, whose members are primarily disaffected, poor and unemployed  White youths are blaming immigrants from Mexico for their plight and have recently undertaken violent actions against undocumented day laborers who  seek temporary work around Home Depot stores. It is a shame for America  that these USA citizens are competing  for the menial jobs that Jornaleros do.

The NSM, it appears, have been brainwashed (or infiltrated) by the Jews who  are the real culprits for the economic malaise and unemployment in the country. Their targets should be the crooks of Goldman Sachs and the Jews who control the Federal Reserve. Also, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, being fought largely on behalf of Zionist Israel, have cost the USA trillions of dollars leaving very little for domestic employment programs for White and other youths.

A far better target for the NSM would be the American-Israeli  Political  Action Committee (AIPAC) who is behind the 5 billion dollar per year  giveaway to Israel and who then use part of this money to purchase  unscrupulous US senators and congressmen.  Where was the NSM when the AIPAC met in Southern California for their 2010 annual conference and for this year’s 2011 conference in Washington D.C.?

There is definitely something very fishy about the tactics and strategies that the NSM uses. It has been suggested that the NSM has been heavily infiltrated  by Jews.  These infiltrators have diverted the organization to undertake time wasting and meaningless actions while the Zionists rob the USA blind.  

An NSM communique intercepted by La Voz de Aztlan indicates that the demonstration in the Sin City will be huge.  The communique says that the  Nevada unit of the NSM will be joined by units from Arizona, California and Utah.  Judging from what occurred in a similar demonstration against immigrant day laborers at a Home Depot inRiverside, California on October of 2009, we could potentially see blood on the streets of Las Vegas. The following is a short video of that demonstration:

Source: La Voz de Aztlan

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I'm an activist and advocate for human rights and the establishment of penalties to the simulators and inconsistent. My fight is for respect for universal rights and freedoms. Journalist various print and electronic media in several countries. Independent research analyst of social risks in unions, political, corporate and institutional image. Four books published and three in electronic version. Live one day at a time, even on payments, sometimes alive yesterday. Modest income is the price of freedom.
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