Chip’s Nation

As many of you know we have been dealt a tremendous challenge that has caused a drastic change in our lives. Chip has had his life impacted in the most profound ways. He is recovering from a difficult surgery where a tumor was removed from his brain. The recovery from surgery is going well but he does have a long road ahead. Rehabilitation will keep us busy recovering from the surgery, and additional treatment will be required to free his body of illness. He was diagnosed on Aug 17th and was at Children’s HealthCare that night where Lea and I and his medical team began initial planning steps for saving him. We have felt as though a train has crashed into our lives. Initially, we did not know where to go to pick up the pieces.

Now, we realize that the surgery has given us the opportunity to fight… and we are resolved to do exactly this… fight. The tumor that was hidden was absolutely and unquestionably a life taker. While we are crushed that Chip has to go through this, the “life taker” is gone and he has time and a chance to win. We intend to win. It will take every bit and more of what’s described below, but in the end, we will win!

Madren_boys_fishChip has a tremendous and growing medical team in place at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and North Fulton Pediatrics. From Chip’s Pediatrician, who listened and searched, to his surgical staff (awesome) and oncology team (among the best) and nursing teams (no words for them) through the top administrators and Doctors (angels) at Children’s to the people who greet you at the door CHOA, they are all in. They are committed, equipped, prepared and capable. Chip has a very strong and large family, some related by blood and others by love, who lift each other up and keep CHIP strong by keeping each other strong. These are the corner men and women and they are tough. We have a community… a city… a region… which is all of you, pleading to help, buy, do for, pick us up and nourish us. For this we are grateful beyond what any words can describe. God bless you all, we love you for loving Chip.

The community described above has suffered tremendous heartbreak and devastation… But this community is gathering strength to send a Nation to war on Chip’s behalf.

Chip is blessed that he has that Nation behind him. We will ask for your help and draw upon this community to pull him and the rest of us through this episode.

Lea_Chip_Ken_bwHere is our first and constant request. It has already been given without asking… Pray for Chip… We believe in the power of prayer. We believe God hears prayers from all ages, faiths, types, and styles– God hears all. Pray for him… however you chose to, as often as you can, for as long as you can. For this we would be forever in your debt.

Chip’s Nation of friends, family, family friends, friends of friends and professionals, which numbers in the 1000’s, is where we draw our strength. Thank you for coming to our side (our backs and fronts) as we engage the enemy, and fight for Chip.

God Bless You All!


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I'm an activist and advocate for human rights and the establishment of penalties to the simulators and inconsistent. My fight is for respect for universal rights and freedoms. Journalist various print and electronic media in several countries. Independent research analyst of social risks in unions, political, corporate and institutional image. Four books published and three in electronic version. Live one day at a time, even on payments, sometimes alive yesterday. Modest income is the price of freedom.
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