Project Gunwalker – The ATF Walking Guns Into Mexico

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According to President Barrack Obama, “90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States, many from gun shops that line our shared border.”

This statistic echoed throughout the news from sources like Senators Hilary Clinton and Dianne Feinsten. It has been used to put spin on issues revolving around America’s own gun control, and specifically about gunrunning along the Mexican border, with a focus on gun shop owners in the US.

The ATF has been caught boosting its numbers to preserve a program called Project Gunwalker, by allowing large calibre semi automatic weapons to leave the country.

Out of 29,000 weapons seized in Mexico last year, only 11,000 were even submitted for tracing. Of those 11,000 only 5,000 originated in the US, making the realistic statistic closer to 83% of guns recovered in Mexico do not come from the United States.

Why the deception? Some believe that the true motives lie within our 2nd amendment rights. Others believe the ATF did it in an effort to save their botched program and probably to preserve ATF jobs.

Project Gunwalker and ATF Corruption

In a January27 letter addressed to acting director Kenneth Melson of the ATF, U.S. Senator Charles Grassley asked some serious questions about the program named “Project Gunrunner”.

Grassley voiced concerns at the ATF’s role in assisting some alleged 3,000 weapons, including assault rifles, out of the US and into Mexico via 17 straw dealers (people who buy guns for others).

Grassley stated:

“According to the allegations, one of those individuals purchased three assault rifles with cash in Glendale Arizona on January 16, 2010. Two of the weapons were then allegedly used in a firefight on December 14, 2010 against Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents, killing CBP Agent Brian Terry.”

Whistleblowers from the ATF came out of the woodwork at the news of a fellow officer falling victim to one of the weapons involved with Project Gunrunner.

Their most prominent grievance was that no one was communicating with Mexican authorities about the project, and they claim that the blame can be laid at all levels of authority within the ATF and Department of Justice.

The next prominent grievance was the fact that whistleblowers within the ATF have been met with actions of retribution by the organization. There are accounts of dismissals, relocations and general negativity – all part of ATF’s history, say the whistleblowers, who even have their own website.

Department of Justice Defends the ATF

Grassleys letter did not receive a response from the ATF, but instead from the Department of Justice. A well written letter from Ronald Weich, the assistant Attorney General, looks and sounds more like political diversion than a reassurance that the issue would be resolved. In fact, the letter specifically asks Grassley to avoid a full-blown investigation.

“ … we respectfully request that Committee staff not contact law enforcement personnel seeking information about pending criminal investigations, including the investigation into the death of Customs Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.”

Grassley responded with a charged rebuttal letter, this time addressed to Patrick Leahy (US Senate Committee on the Judiciary ), Kenneth Melson (ATF), Robert S. Meuller (FBI) and Alan Bersin (CBP). At one point Grassley wrote, “Unfortunately, the reaction to my request has, so far, been little more than delay and denial.”

This letter was sent, along with 3 attachments of whistleblower evidence, showing solid government documentation of the ATF’s folly.

“Walking” Guns Into Mexico

The ATF was using a controversial technique called “Walking” in an attempt termed “Project Gunwalker” to bring down Mexican gunrunning rings.

Walking is when agents follow an item from its place of origin to the hands of a lesser dealer, and follow the item’s path until they reach the most valuable link in the chain of command.

ATF agents working in Mexico were told not to alert Mexican authorities about the new influx of guns into their country. Many agents protested the practice, but would not go on record in fear of committing career suicide. The major concern voiced by agents brave enough to speak out, was that no one was communicating with Mexican authorities on this matter, and at no point were the weapons being intercepted.

That means the ATF in essence was handing guns over to Mexican gunrunners, and boosting their own statistics by busting the same straw dealers they were already dealing with, rather than making a real impact and breaking up actual gunrunner rings.

It was one of those weapons that was used to shoot Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

The new statistics show that the ATF is the actually the largest dealer of arms to Mexican cartels, not gun dealerships located along the border. It’s a crazy world we live in today, and the discovery that the same guns used to kill law enforcement were supplied by a different arm of the same law enforcement agency only adds salt to the wounds.

With the level of additional damage already done to an already dismal situation, there’s no telling how long law enforcement will be cleaning up from the after-effects of this scandal. One can only hope for at least a shred of accountability.

Jim Melvin is a songwriter and musician, trained in Culinary Arts and a self-termed “Politically loaded, independent conspiracy theorist.” Jim writes and plays for the Royal Kush Band, a politically loaded 420 band playing funk, blues, reggae and hip hop. Jim has 6 post(s) at Top Secret Writers.

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One Response to Project Gunwalker – The ATF Walking Guns Into Mexico

  1. Gabbar Singh says:

    Am I the only one who remembers the Iran-Contra hearings? Does nobody else recall the testimony by the pilots who were flying guns in and drugs out of Central America (landing in Mina, Arkansas – While Clinton was governor)?

    This is really, really, old news.

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