Second Amendment for Mexico

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation ranks St. Louis as the most dangerous city in America given its 142 murders last year. That’s small caliber compared to the violence found in Mexico.

Just across the border from El Paso is the most dangerous city in the world: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Last year 3,075 persons were murdered in that city, mostly from violence related to drug-running. In Mexico it is illegal for private citizens to own firearms or ammunition. The average person in Mexico is unarmed and defenseless, rendering him an easy target for crime.

Here in the United States, the gun-control crowd insists that the Second Amendment doesn’t apply any longer because our Founding Fathers never envisioned semi-automatic weapons with large-capacity magazines. Using that failed logic might lead one to conclude the First Amendment no longer protects free speech on radio, TV or the Internet, because the Founders never considered the evolution of mass communications.

All of this is nonsense, of course. The Second Amendment was thoughtfully crafted in order for the average citizen to protect his life, family, property and country, if needed. Here in the United States, guns help save lives. Perhaps Mexico needs a Second Amendment of its own.


Kirkwood, Mo.


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