Murdered Brown Angels Also Go to Heaven

Brisenia and her father RaulThe story of 9 year old Brisenia Flores killed by the Minutemen

by Ernesto Cienfuegos / La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California – January 31, 2011 – (ACN) The Venezuelan poet Andres Eloy Blanco wrote a powerful poem titled “Angelitos Negros” which later became the lyrics of an internationally famous song and the subject of a well known 1950’s Mexican film starring Pedro Infante. The poem essentially asks classical artists why they never paint black angels on their canvasses for churches. The poem says, “Even though the Virgin Mary is white, please paint black angels because they also exist in heaven.” The poem continues, “Painter if you paint with love, why do you denigrate their color if you know that in heaven God loves them too?” The poem, in Spanish, is below this article as well as a beautiful video rendition of “Angelitos Negros” sung by Eartha Kitt.

Today, in the USA, a similar question can be asked of journalists in the mainstream media who even though they extensively covered the murder of a 9 year old white Tucson girl by the name of Christina Green, they have neglected to cover the heinous murder by the Minutemen of a little brown angel in Arivaca, Arizona on the night of May 30, 2009. Whereas Christina Green was at a political rally, little Brisenia Flores was inside her home when members of the Minutemen American Defense organization, pretending to be law enforcement officers, invaded the home of the Flores family shortly after midnight. The Minutemen, led by former street prostitute Shawna Forde and racist serial killer Jason “Gunny” Bush showed no mercy and brutally assassinated the father Raul and his daughter Brisenia. They also shot the mother Gina but she survived the massacre. There is a recording of the chilling 911 call by the courageous mother Gina Flores and the end of this article.

The authorities arrested Shawna Forde, Jason “Gunny” Bush and Albert Gaxiola for the horrific crimes but it is generally believed that there are other Minutemen accomplices on the loose. Most of the Minutemen have gone into hiding. Presently Shawna Forde is on trial for the murders in Tucson. Bush and Gaxiola will face trial soon after. Last week mother Gina Flores testified about how her daughter pleaded for her life while Jason Bush reloaded his weapon and shot little Brisenia Flores twice point blank in the face. The national media has been incredibly silent about these heinous racist killings and the trial of Shawna Forde presently underway. The Flores family; Raul, Brisenia and Gina are not undocumented immigrants. They are US citizens nevertheless they fell victims to the anti-Mexican border vigilantes. Is this why the US media is so quiet about the killings or does it believe that the life of a brown 9 year old little girl is worth less than that of white Christina Green?

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