2010 Deadliest Year in Mexico

Since Mexican President Felipe Calderon began in 2006 his offensive on the drug cartels that have long plagued the country, 2010 will go down as the deadliest year with 15,000 murders.

There are nearly killings every day to remind the country that is in a battle with a very fierce, well funded and violent foe.  There are gruesome death scenes with beheadings, skinned victims on public display and public shoot outs all undermining the Mexican citizens sense of security and damaging the country’s reputation internationally.

Public officials, mayors, federal agents, beloved citizens and children have not been spared.  This year in Mexico also saw 10 journalists killed and several more reported missing.  The rate of human trafficking has also increased in the country with Central American governments blaming Mexico for the death of many of its citizen migrating through Mexico.  The massacre of 72 migrants with their bodies found in heaps in Mexico highlighted this problem.

The government asserts that it remains in control and not the drug cartels and that only 162 municipalities are suffering high crime rates out of 2,456 municipalities. Either way 2010 is the Deadliest Year in Mexico.


Fifty-seven journalists were killed worldwide, with Pakistan, Iraq and Mexico seeing the most deaths.

Criminal gangs and militias were increasingly to blame, while the number killed in war zones fell.

Fifty-one journalists were kidnapped during the year, with journalists seen more and more as “bargaining chips”.

The figure of 57 represents a 25% drop on 2009, in which 76 journalists were killed – including more than 30 in one attack in Mindanao in the southern Philippines.

Pakistan saw the most fatalities in 2010, with 11 deaths. Iraq saw seven, as did Mexico. Journalists were also killed in seven African countries, including three in Somalia.

“Media workers are above all being murdered by criminals and traffickers of various kinds. Organised crime groups and militias are their leading killers worldwide,” said Reporters Without Borders Secretary-General Jean-Francois Julliard.

Journalists had also been abducted on every continent in 2010.

“Here again, governments must do more to identify them and bring them to justice.

“Otherwise reporters – national or foreign – will no longer venture into certain regions and will abandon the local population to their sad fate,” the group said.

Bloggers had also been arrested and abducted, the group said, and for the second year running more journalists fled Iran than anywhere else.


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I'm an activist and advocate for human rights and the establishment of penalties to the simulators and inconsistent. My fight is for respect for universal rights and freedoms. Journalist various print and electronic media in several countries. Independent research analyst of social risks in unions, political, corporate and institutional image. Four books published and three in electronic version. Live one day at a time, even on payments, sometimes alive yesterday. Modest income is the price of freedom.
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