Members of the Association of Flight Attendants, Mexicana Airlines, said that the release of their calendar that showed how women are sexy, intelligent and beautiful, will be on Thursday November 25 at 20:00 am in the Polanco Classic, where the product will be sold at a cost of 149 pesos.

Members of the Association of Flight Attendants, Mexicana Airlines, held on Thursday 25, the launch of a timetable for the holidays this year, to financially assist employees affected by the situation that the airline currently lives. 

In an interview with journalist Ciro Gomez Leyva, six of the ten flight attendants who participate in this project, commented that the idea came from his partner Coral Perez, who has always liked to take pictures. 

Also, Monica Silva, Coral Pérez, Ofelia Acordagoytia, Rosy Arcos, Gina Aguilar and Claudia Alias, mentioned that sought to make a sexy job, but professionally very careful to appear also as intelligent and beautiful women.
Therefore, agreed to be very happy with the result and the new lived experience, even though they had to borrow to get the project. 

They stressed that the launch of the calendar will be on Thursday November 25 at 20:00 am in the Polanco Classic, where the product will be sold at a cost of 149 pesos. 

Similarly, stressed that for this occasion will draw a first thousand copies, even as they sold a few, are considering a second run of three thousand copies.

The airline’s flight attendants, said that to purchase the calendar can access your Facebook page aeromosasmexicanas or write to the address

Finally, they said that is an exclusive project of the ten flight attendants who participated in it, following all the guidelines, and that has nothing to do with Lizette Clavel, head of the ASSA, only “to help teammates.”

In fact, more than 160 thousand hits on YouTube, has received the “making of” the timing of Ryanair hostesses in bikinis.

The Irish airline defended “the right of girls to remove clothing to a charity.” 

The company held an interest in seeing how they made the calendar, whose 2008 edition was criticized by feminist groups in Europe. 

Ryanair is the largest European flights, employs 4 000 800 people and annually transports 50 million passengers from 26 European countries with a total of 563 routes. 

Here I present for you to opine whether it was worth the effort:


Last December in a surprise ceased to exist the Spanish airline Air Comet, throwing the dismissal of more than 600 workers, who until now have not received pay for the months they are owed, a situation which they decided to make a peculiar protest to attract the attention of the media and thus find a quick solution to their problems. 

Despite the need for beautiful females, the money is collected from the sale of calendars will merely cover the cost of production, however, is expected to be achieved to meet the objective they are seeking, by causing the media again revisit the issue and avoid remaining in oblivion for injustices committed by the company led by Gerardo Diaz Ferran. 

In information provided by the group of hosts, it transpired that in the market have been offered for sale 1.200 schedules at a price of 15 euros, which can be acquired from various distribution channels, such as Facebook and e mail. 

In the Facebook page says that those who want to make a calendar, send an email request to act.azafatas @ with a cost of 15 € 

Here are some of the pictures taken by Robert Augustus for the preparation of this spicy Spanish calendar:

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  1. Esta é a minha visita, pela primeira vez aqui. Eu encontrei tantas coisas interessantes no seu blog especialmente a discussão sua. Do toneladas de comentários em seus artigos, eu acho que não sou o único a ter todo o prazer aqui! manter o bom trabalho.

  2. ricardo paredes peraza says:

    promovamos una gran cruzada popular de 1’000,000 de aportaciones de $ 3,000.00, cada una, para crear un fondo popular de rescate a la aerolinea mexicana

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